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El Poquito
El Poquito
El Poquito

El Poquito

$ 25.00

El Poquito holds your pair of hemos and a retractor (either curly or mechanical) comes with retractable – that’s it. Now you don’t have to worry about what pack or what vest or what shirt you are wearing, because El Poquito goes anywhere.

The magnetic clasp on the back holds tight to anything, over the top of waders, over your waist band, belt, shirt pocket, beach bag, and is also compatible with the SmithFly Switch Kit system. El Poquito frees you up from wearing a vest and keeps those essential tools close at hand without all the bulk. Anglers can choose from either a curly cord retractor or a mechanical retractor which can be easily swapped out at a later date if for some reason they change their mind, which we all do.

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What people are saying about El Poquito:
Miles Nolte author of the The Alaska Chronicles and the newly appointed fly fishing editor of Gray’s Sporting Journal says:
“The El Poquito is incredibly effective for keeping essential tools handy on the water. The magnetic closure is quick, convenient, and surprisingly strong. What I like about it is that I can clip in on anywhere: my pocket, in between my shirt buttons, around the strap of a bag; the genius of it is in its flexibility. The El Poquito is an example of design success in simplicity.”
Cameron Mortenson author of The Fiberglass Manifesto blog says:
“I recently started using the SmithFly El Poquito to keep track of my Abel Nippers and Rising Lippa4Life and really like how everything is close at hand when needed and stays in place when not. This has become an essential accessory for all my warmwater and saltwater fly fishing.”